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Ransomware attack ‘like having a Tomahawk missile stolen’…

… is what Brad Smith, Microsoft president and chief legal officer, said on Sunday about the ongoing cyber attack that has caused so much damage across the globe over the last couple of days.

Computer crime agencies throughout the world are scrambling to find a solution to what is believed to be a malicious software program stolen from the US National Security agency which has been altered and then used to demand a ransom, in bitcoin payment, to restore the systems that have been hit.

This computer virus, now christened “Wannacry” ransomware, has managed to close down factories, hospitals, schools and is believed to have affected over 200,000 computer users so far. Those who know about these things believe that this particular virus has the ability to spread way beyond the existing damage that it has caused. Nobody knows where this will lead.

Security experts working with the Kaspersky Lab – a cyber security company – have said that they know of over 45,000 attacks, across 99 countries – including the UK, Russia, Ukraine, India, Italy, Egypt, and Spain. Telefonica, the Premier telecommunications company in Spain, in particular, was badly affected. The virus has since spread to the United States and South America, although Europe and Russia remained the hardest-hit. Monday morning was greeted by another 29,000 infections in China.

So what does this have to do with gold and silver?

On the face of it – nothing at all. But look underneath and it shows a massive vulnerability in modern life to our reliance on technology and the way in which this impacts on you.

In the event of a major war, civil insurrection, or a big natural disaster, access to your bank, your savings, your pension – indeed anything else that you rely on to give you cash to subsist on, may well be unusable. Nobody knows how long this particular cyber attack will last or how it will be repaired.

Imagine not being able to get hold of any money, in any form, for a month, three months – a year?

This may sound far-fetched, but what this attack shows very clearly, is that even friendly governments are working on producing “cyber weapons” which can have as much of a devastating effect on everyday life, if not more so, than conventional warfare – and systems which we take for granted and think will always be there – may be completely destroyed.

This particular weapon does not seem to have destroyed the information, but encrypted it instead. What if it were your bank – and instead of encryption, all the records were wiped, completely wiped! How would you prove that you had anything in your accounts? How would you be able to restore the information? It is difficult enough to deal with a bank when your card has been stolen, or someone has used a fake ID to access your eBay or Amazon account.

This is where precious metals come into play. By keeping a store of well-known, and usable silver and gold coins, in particular, you have the ability to either exchange them for cash, or use them on their own account as money. They give you a flexible solution to a serious problem.

Such coins are portable, and their value is a known amount. They can be exchanged anywhere, at any time. They do not rely on a computer system in anyway, and are tangible and actually exist in your hand or your pocket – they are not just digits on a computer screen.

While everyone else is scrabbling about trying to work out how they are going to exist without being able to go to the ATM or how to access their savings, you and your family will be one step ahead of the game …

Best of all, when you buy gold or silver coins you are not actually spending money – you are simply swapping one way of paying for something with another – just like changing US dollars to another currency – except with this one won’t lose you money …

We have a range of home delivery products, which can be discreetly shipped right to your door by our secure delivery service.

Talk to us today about how we can help you to protect yourself and your family and prepare for such an event.

You can find out more about Noble Gold here – or you can call us on 877-646-5347, or contact us here  – and we can talk through your options and explain why we think you should be looking at precious metals as a serious option against cyber warfare and its consequences …

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