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Apple co-founder backs Twitter CEO’s prediction that Bitcoin will emerge as the global currency

Square is already processing Bitcoin transactions

Twitter and Square CEO, Jack Dorsey, made headlines last month when he said the the internet is “going to have a native currency” and that he hoped it would be Bitcoin. While Dorsey is best known for being the CEO of Twitter, it’s his role as the CEO of the credit card processing company Square that made his faith in bitcoin even more interesting. Square processes credit card payments from across the world, and is already processing Bitcoin transactions. The Square CEO verbally stating that he hopes Bitcoin is the future of the internet should make investors ears perk up.


Steve Wozniak praises Bitcoin

This month, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak came out in support of Jack Dorsey’s statements. “I buy into what Jack Dorsey says,” said Wozniak to CNBC earlier this month. This isn’t the first time that the Woz has come out in support of Bitcoin, he has praised Bitcoin in the past by saying “it is mathematical, it is pure, it can’t be altered.” This is big news to Bitcoin investors for the Apple co-founder to publicly go out of his way to back up Jack Dorsey’s statements.


With Businesses buying in on Bitcoin, individual investors should take notice

For individual investors who are looking for the right time to invest in Bitcoin, you should take notice of this endorsement of Bitcoin by Jack Dorsey and Steve Wozniak. When Bitcoin starts to get adopted by major business platforms, and especially payment processing platforms, it makes Bitcoin an integral part of their business model. As stated above, Square is already accepting Bitcoin transactions, which means their CEO’s statements are just speculation, but he has seen the data believes Bitcoin is the global currency of the future.

You can also invest in Bitcoin by rolling a part of your IRA or 401k into a Bitcoin IRA. In the past few years, we’ve seen Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Ripple get adopted by large banks, companies, and financial institutions. Businesses buying in on crypto means that cryptos are not only here to stay, but are likely at the beginning of an explosive growth period.